Elevate Dance Intensive for West Coast Swing

A one-day private West Coast Swing intensive with Shelley Saxena

‚ÄčElevate your west coast swing with a one-day fully custom design private intensive. 6 full hours of instructions that focus on elevating your Technique while embracing or discovering your natural style.

  • Includes an initial consultation to discuss goals and basic itinerary for the day
  • Includes a video notebook to summarize key learning points and any drills provided
  • Perfect for the individual dancer followers and leaders or a couple
  • For the beginner to the serious competitor
  • The day spans approximately 7 to 8 hours including a lunch break and rest times as needed
  • Limited dates available through winter 2020
  • $300 for Shelley alone, or $350 if you would like have an extra leader present (just for followers)

To book your Elevate Intensive contact Shelley.